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Mind, Body and Soul

Welcome to my page Cats Herbals!  Where I have created items handmade from Pure and Organic ingredients to bring you the best products without toxins and chemicals!  

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Country living and Herbs

Hi there! Welcome to my page!My name is Cat. I'm an herbalist and also studying Naturopathy. I'm passionate in creating organic and natural products from herbs and oils.I create herbal medicines likes salves and creams, teas etc.I strive to make products without chemicals and toxins or heavy metals.I love foraging herbs in the nature and also growing them. I hope you love the products I have handmade as much as I do! Thanks for visiting my page!
I can make some things custom made. I am not responsible for researching your health history or medicine list. It's your responsibility to research before using natural medicine. 

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You can also message me and I can do PayPal invoice .
Non refundable

Herbal Remedies
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Herbal Products



My friend makes the BEST deodorant on the PLANET!! No smells, literally for 48-72 hrs. 
Smells amazing, this VANILLA is out of this world...and the BEST part, it's alllll natural. Goodbye aluminum,(poisoning toxins) Hello freshness. 💜 
Comes in a beautiful amber glass jar w spatula. 

#supportsmallbusinesswomen #naturaldeodorantthatworks #naturaldeodorant



I don’t usually give reviews .I started using skin healer right before Christmas, and I have just have been so impressed with it. My hands haven’t cracked or chapped at all this season. My fingernails are growing and are strong. I think it’s 100% because of the skin healer. I’ve started using the blissful tallow. My complexion has cleared up and makes my skin on my face feel healthy. I had Cat make me some tea which I highly recommend, it’s like sipping relaxation. So far I have loved everything I have tried 🥰 I send her a message, and she gets it in the mail in a blink of an eye. I have nothing but wonderful things to say!! Thank you Cats Herbals



Check it out!!! Kenley gets really nasty bug bites during the summer she makes a bite salve and it's literally magic, Harper uses the skin healer on her legs because she gets really dry, strawberry skin and Atikus had gotten bad eczema when he was littler, the skin healer was the only thing that would help calm it down when it really flared up, the skin healer is our favorite and helps them so much! Cats Herbals has been at it for a while (making homemade products) because we were able to test some of her products and honestly have helped us so much, she also came to my rescue when we got hit with influenza A, because of these amazing products we got better within the week and no longer than that! If you're not sure what to use some of the stuff for , just ask! She's here to help you ❤️❤️❤️



I swear by the magnesium spray!! I had back surgery in August and struggled really bad with nerve pain in my calves. Even bought compression massage boots. I started spraying the magnesium spray on my calves and that pain has went away pretty much completely. Now I spray it anywhere I have pain before I go to bed and it is a miracle in a bottle!!



Big THANK YOU to Cats Herbals  Poor carson ended up with a nasty cold and a sore face from blowing and wiping his little nose.We had tried multiple creams from the store but to no avail.. Thankfully I was able to get hold of cat and she recommended we try the awesome skin healer salve!! This is 3 days of applying the skin healer salve!!!



This is the best moisturizer ever! In Mexico and this stuff worked like a champ for all of us in the sun! Highly recommend this !


Trisha G

I had burned my arm pretty good on my shirt press, I did one small dab of the whipped blissful tallow and you cant even tell where I got burned!
Not to mention my face is so soft from using this! So in love with it and it smells so good❤️❤️ thanks cat!
Totally in love with this blissful tallow❤️
My skin has been in dire need of some help, and this has helped in so many ways! Leaves my skin so soft and smells amazing!
Thank you Cats Herbals ❤️❤️


Kristin A

💗Oh my gosh I love love the new tallow face cream it is my new best friend!!!💗 My skin feels so so good I can not say enough good things about it! #nomakeupneeded Thanks Cats Herbals



This is the best present to myself! Cats Herbals especially for the winter here in Minnesota. Follow her for more. I'm definitely addicted.


Rose S

Thank You Cats Herbals for my healthy natural chest rub. Glad I don’t have to buy or use the toxic Vicks anymore. Make the switch for your health.



I tried the face mask last night and oh my goodness, just like the tallow cream, I’m hooked!!! I loved it! Good job and I pray blessings to you and your business. ❤️🙏


Sandy Williams

This is your testimonial quote, the place to feature a review about your products, team and the great shopping experience you offer. Build your customer base by demonstrating why your Online Store is so special.


Quinn Davis

This is your testimonial quote, the place to feature a review about your products, team and the great shopping experience you offer. Build your customer base by demonstrating why your Online Store is so special.

Contact us with your review. We’d love to hear from you!

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